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Cylinder Restraints

The BottleChock® restraint is a unique storage solution for cylinders, drums, piping or other cylindrical objects and fully restricts both vertical and horizontal movement. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the BottleChock® restraint has proven to handle the harsh outback conditions.

The BottleChock® kit is made from stainless steel hardware, a flexible UV stabilized nylon and choice of galvanized or stainless steel mounting brackets. The Bottlechock® securely restrains cylinders used in warehouses, manufacturing plants(sites), restaurants, or during transport in a variety of vehicles. The Bottlechock® restraint is available in several sizes to suit various cylinder circumferences. The Bottlechock® brackets also come in various sizes to accommodate cylinder groupings of up to four cylinders. The Bottlechock® restraint system has a production option to suit almost any cylinder storage requirement.